Opinions and comments about the game Starburst

The Starburst slot has gained popularity and love among players from all over the world.

The slot machine has an intuitive interface, where there are no complicated rules and combinations. Due to this, the Starburst game is suitable for beginners. However, experienced players will find what they appreciate in Starburst - high odds and return rates, as well as a luxurious interface that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Starting to play Starburst, it is important to understand what awaits you. We have collected the opinions of real players to help you create your own impressions.

Reviews for the game Starburst

Review: Starburst is really hot machine


There are many slot machines in online casinos, but not all of them are as cool as Starburst. This one always pay out, that's why guys with big wallets sit on it. Usually, bets shoot every 30-40 spins, but you need to spin big.

Albert, 34

Review: Primitive slot machine, but it works


Of course, Starburst is not the most modern machine. There will not be hundreds of thousands of combinations, a dozen different wilds, but it works, and this is the main thing. In fact, many newcomers constantly play it, because Starburst is in the list of excellent slots for beginners. By the way, thanks to them, you can get good winnings: when there are a lot of them, you go in, bet and give it straight away!

Ivan, 27 years old

Review: Nice slot with good music


I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like modern slot machines. Too many effects. Often I turn off the sound, when I'm playing. Mostly before going to bed, and therefore the style of the game is very important to me. Starburst is really relaxing. The music is so quiet and soothing. Very good for me in this regard.

Elina, 29 years old

Review: Beautiful design and no frills


It is very difficult for me to understand modern slots. It is complex. Sometimes the bet will play and dozens of combinations are displayed on the screen. In this case, there is no real gain. It's the opposite here. If the bet has played, then it has played. And you understand why. Many people say that it is primitive, but that's exactly what I like.

Irina, 52 years old

Review: Play for money – good slot


I recently discovered slot machines. For me, this is a good way to earn money. I used to try to trade on the stock exchange or Forex to earn extra money. That's where you fly into the pipe. Here you can earn some money. The main thing is to make reasonable bets and not flirt. My average budget for games is 10-15 percent of my salary. And at the casino I win back 50-60 percent every month. So, those who say that it is impossible to make money and spin the reels for hours on a test balance very surprise me. I have only one question have you really tried to play?

Michael, 54 years old

Review: I need money


I'm probably one of those who can't stop playing. I lose every time. I keep spending more and more on the game! I feel like I need to stop, but I can't. I lost my last money today and I want to play again. Mother doesn't give any money anymore! If possible, I would like to find a generous sponsor who will give money for the game from time to time. It will be great if you also like to play. For good donations, I will render you other services, if you know what I mean. Ready for video chats and meetings on your territory if you live in my city.

Linara, 19 years old

Review: A good game from a reliable developer


I always look for a company, which develop a slot. For me, one of the most reliable is NetEnt. Starburst was released by this studio. It allows to win good and stable money. The main thing is that there should not be a large number of players in the slot. But which casino to choose - everyone decides for himself. I have two apps installed. One more for sports betting, the second for games. I don’t know why they can’t combine a good gaming and betting service in one place, but according to my observation, if a site specializes in betting, then it’s better to look for a casino.

Mark, 34 years old

Review: Buy crypto!


I discovered a useful hack about playing slots. One casino, described on this site, makes it possible to receive bonuses if you replenish your wallet with crypto. I thought that it would be difficult to buy coins, because I did not want to contact either Skrill or Neteller. Then I opened an account in one bank and on the second day I bought crypto. Having replenished the balance, the casino credited me with the same amount. In short, it is so advantage. Too bad I didn't use it before. It seems that it only works on the first deposit, but we know how to open several accounts.

Alexander, 23 years old

Review: We play and live like middle class people


My husband and I play all the time. I'm already tired of hearing from my friends that we are loafers and gamblers. My friends have husbands every day at the factory, and then in the garage with beer. Then they come home drunk and unclean. Mine is always at home. He is clean and well-groomed, and goes to the gym. And we earn money on games. I play a little and mostly on a tablet, because I’m also housewife. My husband plays on PC. At night, he launches some programs that play automatically, and during the day he sits and plays a little on his own. This allows us to live and live very well in terms. So, when older people complain about young people who spend at the computer all day long, I understand why. If I were in their place, I would have chosen such a life.

Claudia, 57 years old

Review: Payout is not a problem


Then I heard the opinion that withdrawing winning in an online casino is a huge problem. A friend was crying about this issue in one casino. He was telling me about interest for withdrawal of cashing out. It turned out that this guy had registered at some little-known casino. But I prefer well-known casino, for example, I spin on 1win casino. This casino has no problems with withdrawing to the bank card – all money comes within an hour.

Max, 22 years old

Review: Starburst is my favorite game


I like the fact that you can make very small bets in this game. Of course, the gain in this case is not very big, but enough for me. At first I played on a test account, then I tried to bet. There were only 8 dollars on the balance. I tried difficult slots, but there was no return. Then I started playing Starburst. On it rose to 20 dollars in a matter of 5 minutes! Since then, I've been spinning it. There are a couple more crash games in store, but Starburst always wins. That's why it's bookmarked on my phone.

Jenny, 19 years old

Review: Starburst is a great timekiller


I don’t know what makes me stick to this toy - either the music or the colorful picture. But somehow I fell in love with this game. I make small bets of 20-30 cents, and keep no more than $100 on my balance. I play just for fun. You know those moments when you need to completely unload your head. This is a great joy for me. The game is stupid, but that's what makes it so sticky. These drums make you press and press this button. For me, this is a great timekiller.

Diana, 33 years old

Review: Game for girls


I don't know why the game is called that. I didn't find any stars or galaxies there. But beautiful colored pebbles - yes. This is for us, girls. That's why we play Starburst, CrushCandy and other such toys. I have the best luck with sapphires. In life, this is also my stone. I recently won almost 1000 dollars and bought myself a real ring. Now I will play more. I want to replace the diamond with a sapphire.

Elena, 32 years old

Feedback: Starburst payout easy. 150 dollars for the first session


Whoo! This slot works as described here. It allows to win immediately. I spent only 50 dollars to test, and after 15 spins the slot gave it back ! After 15 spins!!! On other slots, the bets did not play at all, but this one gave me 150 bucks! Not bad. Decided not to play anymore. I'll try to spin Starburst some more this week.

Konstantin 26 years old

Review: Complete scam!


I am amazed how normal healthy people can believe that all this works? What are the winnings, what earnings on the games? What are you talking about? Before you carry such nonsense, you should read the rules. I'm talking about game theory! Just read the rules. It clearly states that the return rate is 96%. This does not mean that with a probability of 96 percent you will hit the jackpot. This means that the casino automatically takes 4% from each bet. Everything! And you, like fools, press again and again.

Stan, 58 years old

Review: You can simply win


Read the previous commenter. It seems to be my age, but in the head a bullet. And it's still flying. I am a former engineer from the mailbox, although, as they say, there are no former ones. And tried many times to find a job. Under 60, no one needs you and it remains to look for new ways to earn money. I sat, counted and decided to try. I managed to win back the 10k USD borrowed from the bank in 4 (!) days. I put them into the business. Since then, I have been earning almost 3k USD a month. Of course, I play not only and not so much on slots. I play mainly crash games, but the recipe for success is obvious.

Gen, 57 years old

Review: Starburst has high volatility


I like this slot because of its high volatility. This means that the deviation from the average values is quite high. For understanding, the percentage of a big win on such a machine is many times higher. I generally think that NetEnt makes the best slots. On one I won x200 and withdrew $2,000. On another slot, it gave me 8,000 dollars. Another thing is that such luck does not happen very often, but at least it happens on machines with high volatility.

Konstantin, 47 years old

Reviews: Looking for a replacement for Instagram? Play casino!


Did you also stick to the phone on the way to work, in the evening on the couch or at boring meetings? I do. I remember that I couldn’t get out of the toilet for hours, because I flipped through the feed, first on Insta, then on FB, then TikTok also appeared. In short, the death of my time. And then somehow I came across an advertisement for an online slot. You know, these ones that constantly come out in the form of advertisements ... In short, I tried it. Well, here it is. Not immediately, but I won. And now I play all the time. For me, this is much more productive than stupid Instagram and social networks. Here you can at least earn something. There is nothing but a bad mood.

Maria, 30 years old