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Starburst - spaceship of your luck in online casino

Imagine yourself on a spaceship in outer space, which at the speed of light rushes you to win of all your whole life! Exactly such feelings Starburst slot from NetEnt will make for you. This game for money, presented in most online casinos, will allow you to enjoy the excitement and win a truly cosmic jackpot.

Game design for Starburst: Gems of Space

At the heart of the game, the developers laid the idea of traveling in space in search of starbursts. It is thanks to this idea that the game Starburst got its name. Such starbursts occur when combinations of gems appear on the reels at the same time - fragments of broken stars. Cosmic flares bring coins that fuel our ship for an endless journey through the universe of luck!

Everything is subordinated to the idea that the player should feel like a pilot of a ship in the game - from relaxing music to controls. The Starburst playing field is a porthole of a spaceship. In the lower left corner, the silhouette of the Earth is clearly visible, which, as it were, hints that while we are in the earth's orbit.

Stylistically, the machine is made quite simply. Partly reminiscent of the first generation of slot machines, Starburst leaves a feeling comparable to watching the opening screensavers of the famous Star Wars.

The design of winning combinations deserves special attention. It will be impossible not to notice them in Starburst. When a Combo, Super Combo or Mega Combo falls out, the corresponding inscriptions appear in the playing field, and the screen itself is filled with a cosmic glow. Of course, such a design cannot but delight the player!

How to play Starburst

A way to play the game in Starburst is extremely simple. Being a classic slot that was released back in 2013, it offers many benefits for both newbies and experienced players. The essence of the game is to collect winning combinations of precious symbols on 5 reels and 10 pay lines. However, the presence of wild symbols and the system of making combinations in both directions of Win Both Ways allow us to say that in fact there are 20 lines in the slot machine.

In order to win, the symbols must be present on the two opposite reels - left and right. Each of the combinations will bring good luck, and the amount of winnings will depend on the value of the stones (the list is presented below in ascending order).

Game symbols in the Starburst slot:

  • Purple diamond;
  • Blue topaz;
  • Orange citrine;
  • Emerald;
  • Yellow diamond;
  • The classic seven of luck.

On each of the 10 lines, you can bet from 1 to 10 coins. At the same time, the denomination of coins can be different - from $0.01 to $2. The amount of winnings in each round is easy to calculate. It is enough to multiply the number of coins by their value.

Special Starburst Prizes

Unlike most modern slots with many different combinations and often not the most understandable logic of their formation, Starburst is simple. This is good for players. Wild symbols in Starburst fall out with enviable regularity, which means that the chances of a serious win increase significantly.

Wild symbol in Starburst is an eight-pointed shining star. It combines all the advantages of other gems appearing on the reel.

The peculiarity of this wild is that it falls out only on three of the five reels - the second, third and fourth. Appearing on one of the reels, the wild fills the entire column and increases the number of combinations until the next spin. Wild symbol will be fixed on the playing field and will give you the opportunity to trigger up to three free spins!

If during the respin this symbol appears again on one of the three reels, then the second free spin will take place already on 2 of them. And if luck smiles for the third time, bringing the wild to the third reel, the player can hit a serious jackpot.

How to hit the jackpot in Starburst

Starburst gives players the opportunity to hit a really solid jackpot, which can be up to X250 times the original bet. To do this, you need to collect a combination of BAR gold bars.

It is worth noting that in order to win the jackpot, which is 50,000 coins, the game must be played at maximum bets. The cost of one such spin will be 200 USD.

According to the developers, the machine has a fairly high percentage of returns - 96.1%. This means that the chances of hitting the jackpot are very high.

Starburst control panel

As we noted above, the game is somewhat reminiscent of the first generation of slot machines. Because of this, it is as simple as possible. This makes it possible to focus on the game and not be distracted by a large number of complex settings.

The main game settings are hidden under the corresponding button, which is made in the form of a wrench and is located on a small panel under the slot control buttons. Here you can adjust the following functions:

  • Enable the fast reel spin feature to speed up the gaming process;
  • Enable or disable the launch of spins by pressing the space bar;
  • Disable the welcome screen.

Next to the settings there is a volume control key. If the soundtrack bothers you, you can easily turn it off.

The game control panel itself is also as simple as possible. The reels are rotated by pressing the big round button in the very center. To the right of it is the “Max Bet” button, which is used to play with the maximum bet, which just allows you to hit the jackpot.

Autoplay in Starburst

The "Auto Play" button deserves special attention. It allows you to start the reels in automatic mode. You can choose 10, 25 or 50 spins. And additional settings will allow you to set the condition when you need to stop the auto mode. Available options include:

  1. Stop autospin after winning.
  2. Stop rotation in case of:
    • If the winnings exceed the specified amount;
    • If the balance has increased by a given amount;
    • If the balance has decreased by the specified amount.

In addition, the game control panel displays the choice of the number of active lines, the amount of the bet on each of them and the value of one coin.

Demo version of Starburst slot machine

Is it possible to play Starburst slot for free? Yes, it is possible within the demo version. In other words, the online casino provides a test balance that you spend on the game. The conditions depend on each online casino. Register at official online casinos and play Starburst for free.

Frequently Asked Questions about the online game Starburst

Who is the developer of the Starburst game?

Starburst is developed by NetEnt.

What type of slot machine is Starburst?

Starburst is a video slot.

How many reels are in Starburst slot?

The Starburst slot has 5 reels.

How many lines are in Starburst slot?

There are 10 lines in the Starburst slot.

What is the maximum win in the online game Starburst?

The maximum win in the Starburst slot depends on the bet, but the maximum possible coefficient is x250 (50,000 coins).

What is the return percentage in Starburst slot?

The return percentage (RTP) in the Starburst slot is set by the developer and is 96.01%.

What bonus features are provided in the Starburst slot?

Bonus features in Starburst slot are Wild and Free Spin.

What is the minimum bet size in Starburst slot?

The minimum bet in the Starburst slot is 7 rubles.

What is the maximum bet size in Starburst slot?

The maximum bet in the Starburst slot is 15,000 rubles.

Does Starburst slot have an autoplay option?

Yes, Starburst slot machine has an autoplay option.

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