How to win at Starburst slot

Starburst strategies and tactics

Everyone who starts playing for money in an online casino pursues one noble goal - to become richer. Starburst is a classic slot machine that makes it easy to do this. Despite its simplicity and a small number of pay lines - there are only 10 of them in the game - with the right strategy and the use of various tactics, this game will hit a decent jackpot. The RTP for this slot machine exceeds 96%. And the Starburst Jackpot can be up to X250 times! Neither exchange nor Forex play will bring such a high profit. However, you should always remember that gambling is a risk, and therefore it must be managed.

How to win at Starburst

The main advantage of this machine from NetEnt is its simplicity. In many ways, Starburst resembles the very first slots, but unlike them, there are wild symbols that give free spins. Another option gives you chances to win – win both ways. Winning combinations are counted both from left to right and from right to left, if the same symbols appear on the same line. Therefore, we can say that the chances of winning are doubled, because instead of the declared 10 paylines, the combination can actually fall on 20.

What game strategy to choose in Starburst

To make good money playing for money in Starburst, it is enough to apply one of the most common strategies when playing slots. The general rule for such a game is the constant change of all the strategies below.

Incognito strategy in Starburst

Every time we visit an online casino website, we are faced with a giant machine whose main task is to earn as much as possible. However, every system has weaknesses. Despite the fact that there is a server with perfectly written software on the other side of the screen, it is still possible to mislead it. That is why hundreds of professional players use this secret. You do not need to be a talented programmer to use it, although the ability to play on a virtual machine under the jurisdiction of another country can affect the percentage of winning combinations. The main key to success in this strategy is to change the strategy itself. You can raise or lower rates, login from time to time, clear cookies, and even use the incognito mode available in different browsers. All these actions will prevent the machine, which is actually playing against, to recognize the tactics used and start applying pre-prepared algorithms.

Starburst Betting Strategy

The essence of this strategy, which is used by many professional players, is to constantly change the denomination of coins. As a rule, the stakes are increased every two or three rounds until the slot begins to “give back”. Usually, a winning streak consists of several spins, but sometimes a bonus round with a decent win can also fall out.

Judging by the test results, Starburst does not "play" at the minimum stakes. With a coin denomination of a few cents, the slot behaves as if it is being played in a test mode. However, when playing “at maximum speed”, the machine starts to return bets and does it quite well. We can say that a lot depends on the availability of the prize fund in the bank. If there is no money in the prize pool, then the slot constantly returns us to the original amount, gradually taking small amounts. If there is money in the prize pool, then the balance is constantly increasing. True, you need to be patient, because the winning combinations in this case fall out every 30-40 spins. Sometimes the interval between winning streaks can increase up to 50 spins, but in this case, it is possible to recapture the bet with a margin.

Game without players

Starburst is rightfully considered a hot slot, and therefore the number of players who spin Starburst in most online casinos is traditionally high. The slot "pay out" often, but little by little. This leads to another strategy for playing Starburst - playing with a small number of online users. A small number of simultaneously playing users purely mathematically increases your chances of winning, because in this case the number of those to whom, according to the algorithm, the machine should return the declared percentage of winnings is reduced.

Long game strategy in Starburst

If the goal is not to hit a giant jackpot, but just want to enjoy gambling, you can apply the Parlay strategy common for such cases. It is very simple: during each loss, the bet is reduced exactly twice. This allows you to stretch the play money over a large number of cycles, which means increasing your chances of hitting a random Starburst jackpot.

Bets on the Martingale system

The Martingale strategy is a high-risk game, but it has brought jackpots to many Starburst players. That is why the description of this method can be found not only on most sites on the Internet, but also in professional textbooks on game theory. In order to play according to this system, you need to replenish your wallet for a large amount. After that, the maximum possible amount must be deposited on the balance of the slot. When playing within the framework of this strategy, the balance will melt like ice cream in coffee, but the taste of a big victory will overshadow the bitterness of even very solid initial losses.

The essence of the tactic is a constant increase in the rate. Starting to play with minimal investment, with each spin we must double the bet. However, at the first win, we start anew, that is, we return to the minimum bet.

Gaming hygiene, or how not to lose everything

In recent years, the number of players who have lost everything has been growing more and more. Sold houses, cars… Many became so addicted that they were ready to sell their own body’s organs. To avoid these sad consequences and not turn into a complete gambler, it is enough to follow the simple rules of gaming hygiene. We have collected some of them:

  • Play a little

    The first and most important rule of a healthy game is to know the limit. And this concerns not only and not so much about money, but the time spent playing the game. It is this time that leads to the formation of addiction, to get rid of which you will have to spend much more money.

    You can follow a simple rule: play no more than an hour. A simple alarm clock will do just fine with this task.

  • Play with a cool head

    It is this rule that those who earn huge amounts of money on online casinos follow. These entertainments are designed to bring pleasure, which you quickly get used to. Therefore, it is enough to stop when alarming “bells” appear. These include tangible changes in behavior, when the general mood begins to change from each lost spin, and even a small win leads to crazy delight. It is at this moment that you need to say to yourself: “Stop!”.

  • Miracles don't happen

    Miracles in the form of big wins happen, but not to everyone and not as often as we would like. Therefore, it is important to limit yourself in advance in expectations. Before starting the game, set a goal and follow it clearly. It is better to win a small amount of money every day and increase the deposit than to spend all the funds in the game wallet at once. The golden rule is not to spend more than 10 percent of the amount on the deposit in one session. If you run out of money and don't win, try your luck another time. It is worth stopping even if you managed to win the predetermined amount.